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Our Mission

All of us at CLEAR feel privileged to provide a service to men and women in law enforcement. There is no more important profession in today's turbulent world. They are on the front lines of protecting our freedoms.

To this end CLEAR was established in 1986 with Colonel Wilson Spier of the DPS as head of our Advisory Committee. He was a leading force encouraging and guiding us in developing tools to assist law enforcement officers. His guidance is sorely missed.

CLEAR is dedicated to giving each of you the tools you need to perform your jobs and believing that each officer will perform the task ahead with honor and dignity knowing that only by following the law can we preserve our beloved freedoms.

CLEAR stands ready to assist and welcome your suggestions.

DUE TO THE CONTINUAL RISE IN SHIPPING COSTS, we are forced to raise out prices.  We are providing FREE shipping which helps the smaller buyers.

We no longer offer the Arrest and Search without a Warrant Manual or the Search Warrant Manual because the author is not updating them.